Oftentimes as someone who is empathic or intuitive doing business online can feel like an uphill battle. Not knowing what to price your offers, how to describe them, market them, or even deliver them. And then finding at the end of the year that despite the incredible amount of effort you've put in, your business isn't really sustaining itself. It can make you forget why you started your business in the first place - to help others heal.

This is why we strongly recommend three things when you use Flowation to do business online:

  1. Take the time to go through the Revenue Flow Map course in order. Understanding what your revenue goal should be to support your business will provide information that serves as a compass. It is information that will help you make all subsequent decisions about your business in a more educated way. You will know if the decision you are making supports or hinders your ability to do business in the way you want.

    This includes your Reverse Energetic Funnel. Knowing your actual revenue goal can help you create offers that both light up your soul, and contribute to sustaining your business.

    2. Even when you and your customers are both heart-centered there can be a need for boundaries to protect your energy. And expressing those boundaries with each new customer can feel energetically draining.

    This is one of the main reasons that our platform is set up the way it is. To allow you easily do business in a way that protects your energy, so you can provide your best to the customers who honor your gifts and talents.

    So we recommend that you take the time to set up the many mini-systems we provide throughout the e-commerce portion of our platform. Allow the system to maintain your boundaries for you so you can relax into your Zone of Genius.

  • Automatically remove customers from your membership if they cancel

  • Collect information from customers ahead of time.

  • Allow people to request an appointment with you instead of book one directly. combined with our product forms this allows you to asses whether you really want to work with someone.

  • State your cancellation, refund and return policies clearly and upfront.

  • Use our complimentary product files to upload a 1 page pdf with Guidelines for using your product, or your expectations from customers who attend an appointment.

  • Use your Revenue Flow Dashboard to keep track in real-time whether you're on track or not with your revenue goal. Easily learn how to course correct!

3. Lean into the Community and Soulpreneur Business Group!

We know experiencing growing pains, life lessons that impact your business, or overall frustration with your business efforts are all inevitable. Being an entrepreneur is a huge spiritual endeavor.

And we know that while you're experiencing an issue it can feel all-encompassing, and block your vision, foresight and all of the intuitive knowing that you would otherwise present to someone else.

That's why we have so many different Coach/Experts within our Community and a group exclusively for our our business users. So you can be surrounded by other lightworkers who share the same vision for their business and are adopting to a new way of doing business as well. But who aren't experiencing what you are experiencing, and aren't attached to any outcomes that you may be unintentionally attached to.

It's a place full of souls who want to help guide you up and out of your thought patterns so you can move on quickly and continue living your best entrepreneurial life.

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