Begin with the inner work

When you consider raising your prices the first thing you want to do is energetically check in with your mind and body about three things:

  • How does the new price for this offer feel? Does it make you expand, contract? Am I feeling any sensations/discomfort in my body?

  • Does it feel safe to increase prices for all of your offers or only this offer?

  • How does the idea of bringing in more money feel? What if that money came in quickly and easily?

These questions will help you guage whether you specifically have an upper limit in place to receiving financial/monetary abundance through your offers, since abundance comes in many forms, and through many different avenues - you may experience a block to one particular form or method, but not all.

For example, you may feel totally comfortable having someone else pay for a meal for you, or giving you a birthday/holiday gift, or to finding coins on the ground while you're on a walk. But you might feel blocked around receiving money through your offers - or just one particular offer.

So first examine your offers as a whole, and then go through each one individually. If you sense a contracting feeling, or a sense of discomfort in your body when evaluating one of your offers ask yourself the following questions to understand where the blockage may be:

  • Is it that this offer is actually priced wrong to begin with? And the work behind it feels like more than what you are receiving so you've developed resistance to it? Imagine receiving more money for this offer - does it feel expansive? Is your body able to relax knowing you'd receiving and equal exchange for your energy and effort?

  • Is this offer still in alignment with your own evolution, values and who you want to be and what you stand for? If you receive a no, and you currently have to spend your time still servicing this offer in order to derive revenue from it - then asses whether the offer could be 'upgraded' to meet you where you are at.

    If it feels like too much effort to do that, can the offer be made evergreen - as it is? Oftentimes we can still attract customers who are that stage of evolution and what doesn't serve us, may still serve them. And while you may not feel like actively spending your current time providing that offer, it can still support your overall revenue goal.

    Next steps

    Once you have a clear idea of whether you have any money blocks at play, and if so which ones they are, then you want to create an action plan for clearing them out. We've discussed this in depth in the bottom half of the article on generating new leads organically.

Ideas to add value to your offers quickly without creating anything new

  • Ask your existing customers for reviews. Offer them a discount on a future purchase in exchange for submitting the review by a specific date (1 week into the future). Many times customers can enjoy the benefits of your offer and just not take the time to leave a review. By incentivizing them to do so, you add to the perceived value of your offer simply by having so many raving fans.

    And you create repeat customers when they use the coupon. Make sure your coupon also has an expiration date and it's clearly stated in your review request. Something like "Did you love [my work/our session/this product]? Leave a review by [X date] and you'll get a coupon for [Y percent] off your next purchase - make sure you use it by [Z date]!" can suffice.

  • Add all of the elements available in your Marketing Materials for your landing pages. Make sure to fill in all of the sections in the Marketing Materials in your Profile section (that applies to ALL of your offers, so it's a limited amount of effort reward ten-fold).

    If you have the energetic bandwidth and materials specific to any one offer then add those to the Marketing Materials tab in each individual offer as well. Having multiple methods to understand your offer can again add to the perceived value of your offer.

    Need help creating your marketing materials? Click on the 'learn more' in the instructions above any element to go through our guide on how best to fill out that section.

    Ideas to add value to quickly generate revenue from the new value adds

  • Once you've received all the extra reviews and added your additional marketing materials, let your customers know that you will be raising your prices for [insert offer name, or all of my offers] on [enter a specific date]. Offer them a coupon code if they purchase before that date. You can also set a sale schedule inside of any relevant offer.

    Most people appreciate an explanation as to why prices will be increasing. Has the cost of your raw materials gone up? Or another service you use that is integral to your business? It is a totally acceptable explanation in the spiritual-minded community to let people know that you have evolved and uplevled and in reaction are increasing your prices, because you are bringing more energetically to your product/service, etc.

  • If you've used the suggestion to run a sale before you raise your prices, then continue on to raise your prices across all of your offers. Then create a bundle of 2 or more compimentary offers and price it at least 20% lower than what it would be if someone bought each offer independently. Let your customers know that if they missed the first sale this bundle is available for a limited time, and is your last discounted offer before your new prices fully go into effect. Make sure the end date is communicated clearly.

Following these 4 suggestions should help you quickly add value, and generate additional revenue in the process. And provide you a transition experience to help you actually move full from your old prices to your new prices - make sure to notice all of the energetic data that comes up as you take these steps. So you can totally clear out any money blocks present by the time you are fully charging your new prices!

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