When you realize you want or need to create a new offer to support your Revenue goal there are three major things to consider, that tend to fit together like puzzle pieces. You need to be aware of them all at the same time to see how they will fit together.

We recommend that you have gone through the Revenue Flow Map course (available free to all of our business users) before reading through this article.

Consider the important variables

  1. How much time do you have available to both create and deliver this offer?

    This question helps you narrow down which tier in your Reverse Energetic Funnel (REF) the offer should go. We want to begin to narrow down the types of offer you can create based on the time and level of on-going involvement it will require from you.

    If you have time to create an offer, but not on-going time to continue to deliver it you should consider an offer that can be "on-demand" like a downloadable product, or evergreen class/workshop, etc. (the bottom tier of your REF). Or perhaps a membership with access to a resource that you do not have to update too frequently (the middle and bottom of your REF).

    If you have consistent time to deliver the offer you can consider a group, event based or or 1-on-1 service. Or a membership that involves more service on your part. Or a physical product that requires shipping regularly (the middle or top of your REF).

    After considering this question you should be able to narrow down your new offer to 1 (or maybe 2) tiers within your REF. Next we'll narrow down further within the tier you've picked.

  2. How quickly do you want/need this offer to generate Revenue?

    There are often two ways to meet a revenue goal, and the timeline within which you want to expect Revenue will impact which method you use:

    A) with a high priced offer that you sell less quantity of and requires more intense interaction with you (the top of your REF).

    B) with a lower/mid-priced offer that you sell more quantity of and that requires less intense interaction with you (the middle or bottom of your REF).

    Using a process of elimination before you brainstorm

  3. Depending upon the tier you picked after considering the first question, you'll have a variety of offer types that you can consider for your new offer. But not all of them will fit in with your revenue goal, because many can take longer to fully deliver than the time within which you want to collect the revenue.

    By knowing how quickly you want your offer to generate revenue you can use a process of elimination to narrow down to 1 (or maybe 2) possible offer types that will serve your purposes for both the time commitment and revenue timeline.

    Now that you know which tier your offer will go in, and which offer types will satisfy your revenue goal - now you begin to brainstorm about the actual offer.

    Putting it all together

  4. What offer would feel in alignment for you energetically, but still match your brand and existing offers?

    Let's use an example:

    A group offer that can be delivered infrequently, and quickly bring in revenue.

    You might want to create a middle tier offer, which generates revenue within 3 months.

    You could conduct a live workshop in-person or virtually, and have multiple dates in the 2nd and 3rd month (we're using the first month for planning, logistics and prepping materials).

    Or you could pre-record a webinar or Masterclass, and again have multiple dates in the 2nd or 3rd month.

    You could offer a high-ticket VIP program to only 2-3 customers in the 2nd or 3rd months. Again that first month would be used to plan how to create the value and experience you are charging for. And to market it appropriately based on the audience you already have.

    You could create a temporary group coaching program for only 4-6 weeks, and use the lead up time to plan and promote it.

    As you can see there are a lot of possibilities even though we've narrowed down to 1 tier in the REF and a specific revenue timeline.

    Which offer you ultimately pick should depend upon what excites you and feels in alignment for you. And depending upon the timeline within which you want to generate the revenue it should be complimentary to your brand's other offers.

    If all of your other offers are services, and you want to generate revenue quickly without offering a service - you have to take into account that creating a totally different offer will have a learning curve involved.

    For example, perhaps suddenly putting on a live 2 day conference where you expect 300 attendees will seem "off brand." In comparison to creating a pre-recorded Masterclass in which you discuss the concepts that you already teach your 1 on 1 clients. It is likely going to be easier for you to sell a Masterclass that is priced lower than your regular service price, and makes your content/knowledge more accessible to those who are interested in your work, but cannot afford your service.

What if I still need help figuring out what to offer?

Get help inside our Community!

Get opinions from potential customers

If you have a few ideas already, but aren't sure how they will be received, then it's a great idea to post in our Spiritual Awakening group. You can poll your potential customers to see what they would be most interested in buying. And it allows you to tag people who were interested in the idea you go with, when it's ready.

Get feedback and tips from other Soulpreneurs

You could post a question in the Soulpreneur Business group asking for ideas - it's a good idea to let people know which REF tier and revenue timeline you are considering.

It's also a good idea to share where your natural skills are at (writing, speaking, live presentations, facilitating groups, 1 on 1 conversations). And to share any energetic info you got about yourself when considering which REF tier you wanted your offer to fit into ("I'm really good at X, but want to move away from 1-on-1 coaching" or "I feel resistant to writing an ebook because I don't have a quiet environment to do that in.")

Oftentimes people will share how they got past their own resistance, or tapped into their natural talents to come up with a truly unique offer that lights them up!

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